App design // visual design, prototyping, branding, motion graphics
Adobe XD + Illustrator
winter 2019


A personal project that was made entirely in Adobe XD with the challenge of learning how to use the program firsthand. Not only did I learn much more about the program itself and it's functionality, I was also able to create an app focused on making better connections between gamers and the gaming community.


How can I create a collective platform for gamers to connect/interact with each other and the gaming community all while getting the latest news and updates regarding video games and new releases?


Gamers can login using their gamertag/username and view a list of various news updates about their favourite games from different gaming platforms.

Whenever gamers are in need of advice or stuck on a level, community chats are available for gamers to join and collaborate/engage with others.


Ludum is an app catered to gamers and game-lovers who want to stay in touch with game updates and be apart of the worldwide gaming community.


In order to properly design the app and have it catered to users needs, I made 3 personas outlining possible concerns and objectives of different types of gamers.

Once the needs were addressed, I created a system map and user flow to get a better understanding of how the app would progress and connect.

When it came down to designing, I kept in mind a specific style guide that revolved around simplicity and pops of colour. Subtle motion graphics were made to illustrate how the app would work realistically if further developed.

Style Guide



Final Mockup

Click the link to interact with the Ludum prototype:

Adobe XD Ludum Prototype