About me.

I'm a Toronto-based UI/UX designer with a passion for creating positive experiences.

Hi, I'm Hanna Kamali!

I'm a fourth year Interaction Design student at Sheridan college in Oakville, Ontario. Within my four years of studying, I've learned various skills from visual design, UI/UX, 3D modeling to HTML and CSS, and even physical computing - you name it! Although I dabbled in many different subjects, I enjoy focusing on motion graphics and UI/UX.

Coming from the small city of Windsor, I have come to learn how impactful design is as a whole, both negatively and positively. As a growing designer and individual, I believe all design can make a difference and I aspire to be the designer that spreads positivity through my work and creativity.

When I'm not creating, I love learning new songs on my ukulele/guitar and finding the next new video game to immerse myself in. If it's not gaming or music, drawing and painting are also my go-to relaxing activities. Feel free to view my resume below!

My Resume